What’s it all about?

Girls Doing Cool Things

Girls Doing Cool Things is a place for women to connect, converse and have fun. I hope that GDCT can become a welcoming community for women of all ages and backgrounds to feel seen, supported and valued.

Whether you’re studying, working for someone else or yourself, or a stay at home mum, you are welcome in the Girls Doing Cool Things community. Women are amazing - I see my friends both online and offline doing incredible things every single day and I want to share the cool things that we’re doing.

So grab your beverage of choice, relax and dive in.

You can read the blog to see the cool things girls are doing, share what you’re up to, write for us and join our community over on Facebook

The Founder


Hi, I’m Julia. That’s me on the right, looking lovingly at a suspiciously pink drink.

I went it alone and quit my job as a project manager in to start my own business in January 2018, leaving behind my tight knit group of workmates. It wasn’t long before I was feeling a bit lonely and really missing the mad conversations we used to have - we talked about everything, from clothes to politics to food.

My aim for Girls Doing Cool Things is to create a warm, friendly community where we can make friends, spark interesting conversations and support each other. I want to share the cool things you’re doing and I’m in the process of organising events so we can meet up IRL, too.

This digital age is great, but it can get lonely. Join the community for conversation and inspiration.