Our first event: Girls Doing Cool Things In Liverpool


You might know the story of how GDCT came into existence already, but if not, here’s the short version.

I’ve wanted to start organising events for ages, but I really wasn’t keen on the idea of super formal networking events. I toyed with the idea of workshops, but ultimately I came to the realisation that when I go to an event, I don’t want it to be super-structured - I want it to be a casual atmosphere, full of lovely people, interesting conversations and the opposite of intimidating.

I had this lightbulb idea after a glass or two of rosé, and after running the idea past my friend Lauren, the premise of Girls Doing Cool Things was created. But, being a blogger and someone who runs most of their business from a laptop, I wanted their to be an online aspect, too. And so, three glasses of wine down, I created this very website, a Facebook group, and started asking women to submit the cool things they were doing to share and celebrate online.

Finally, a month after creating the website, I’ve got my shit together, recruited some amazing panellists and would like to invite you to join us at One Fine Day in Liverpool on Thursday 1st November for an evening of cocktails and conversation.

The details


Thursday 1st November, from 6pm


One Fine Day, Liverpool


6pm - arrival, welcome and drinks

7pm - a discussion with our wonderful panel about social media and building a brand

8pm - have a chat, get another drink if you want one and hopefully we’ll see you at the next one!


Our panel consists of the following amazing women who are doing very cool things:

Lauren Johnstone - illustrator and founder of The Covet Co

Sophie Gale - founder of Girls In Work and blogger at Sophie Rosie

Abigail Whitehead - social media manager and blogger at Blush & Noise


Tickets are £15 and are available here.

The cost of the tickets will go towards the cost of the venue, paying our speakers and any money remaining will be put towards organising more GDCT events and projects.

This is not a business, it’s a passion project, so I (Julia) am not looking to profit from these events.

Anything else?

I am also planning to have a charitable donation drop-off available if you would like to donate to charities. I’m currently confirming the details of how to go about this and more info will be available on the ticket page soon.

If you have any questions about the event, please email me at girlsdoingcoolthings@gmail.com

See you there!

Wanna get involved?