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Kerry Lyons


37 + 11/12ths :)

What cool things have you been doing lately?

 I’m on a mission to help the 20/30 something woman master her mental health, let go of perfection and find and rock her craft so she can *finally* quit that job she hates! Basically I’m recruiting/uniting #imperfectionistas the world over to stop living the life they’ve been told to have and find the ladyballs to create their own gorgeously messy adventure. I raised over £21k on Kickstarter last year to create my flagship product - The Imperfect Life Planner, and I’ve just launched the 2019 edition! Before the year’s out, I’m also going to be launching The Imperfect Life Designer which is an online course for those who really need some help working out what they want to do with their life. 

Why I am doing all this? Because I spent my life people-pleasing, striving for perfection and trying to fit in a conventional box (settled relationship, dream job, mortgage, car, the works). And fell into the darkest depression and 1/4 life crisis as a result because none of it made me happy. 10 years later, after tearing up the script of my life and starting again from scratch (literally! Ended a 12 year relationship, sold my house, quit my job), I’ve learnt a bunch of tools and tricks that I feel can genuinely help women a few steps behind me on their journey to finding *their* happy. So yep, The Imperfect Life was born! :D

Which girls are doing cool things in your world?

@therebelwomansclub by @allisonsadler - I went to her launch event last night and it was crazy inspirational.

What was the last book you read?

Start with why - Simon Sinek

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

PYT by the one and only Michael Jackson <3

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