Welcome to Girls Doing Cool Things

Girls Doing Cool Things


Welcome to Girls Doing Cool Things. I’m Julia, and I’m thrilled to see you here.

GDCT is a new community for women to shout about the amazing things they’re doing and to connect with other women and make new friends.

After I started working for myself, I found myself feeling pretty lonely and missing the office chat about every topic under the sun. Although I have friends, I didn’t see them much and felt a bit isolated. Talking to your boyfriend just isn’t quite the same as having a chat with a girl friend.

And so after a night out, the idea suddenly came to me - why not create a space for women to connect and share the cool things they’re doing? Initially I thought about organising events to share conversations with girls who were doing cool things around the UK, but my creative brain decided that it would be a lovely idea to create a whole community and set up a space for all women to share the cool things they’re doing.

By “cool things” I don’t mean super hipster projects or starting your own business (although these definitely count!) - I want to hear about anything you’re doing that’s making you happy, inspiring you or teaching you something.

I’ve also created a Facebook group where we can support each other, share our wins and losses and generally have a good chinwag.

Have a look around, make yourself at home and let me know what you think!

Julia xx